Symposium aan de Universiteit van Aarhus (DK)

Februari 11-12, 2019

Symposium over ‘Confession and Social Responsibility’ (Klik hier voor meer informatie).

Each of the three large confessions in Europe (Lutheranism, Reformed, Catholicism) have their specific perception of “deserving” and “underserving” poor, of work, of social responsibility and authority. The consequences of these particular viewpoints on the provision of poor relief and social responsibility more generally, however, remain open to debate. The Reformation may have changed the legal responsibility for the poor in Protestant societies, but these places nevertheless retain clear cultural continuities from the medieval period. Even though it is possible to highlight differences in welfare systems according to confessional boundaries, this cannot in itself be said to prove an influence from religion and confessional specifics on the understanding of welfare and social responsibility. With this symposium on religion and welfare, we will address the possible connection between confession and social welfare on both a concrete and methodological level.